Eat Up: Ellie reviews Ocean at the Cape Arundel Inn, Kennebunkport

Ocean views and superb food: what more could a ten-year-old ask for? Ellie reviews Ocean at the Cape Arundel Inn, Kennebunkport, Maine.

Tonight, we ate at a restaurant that looks over the sea. What could be better thank that? Ocean is a wonderful restaurant that serves the best food ever! The services is great – they take your coat, they give you snacks while you are waiting AND there is background music. Ocean is a nice place that’s not too lively (or noisy) where you can laugh with your friends and talk to them. The music ripples like the waves.

Now, for the food…

When I went to Ocean, I have a six course meal that was one of the best six-course meals that  have ever had in my whole life. (Editor/Mom’s note: We attended Ocean’s ‘Chef’s Table’ series that is a prix-fixe dinner for $35 per person.)

The first course was an Italian soup called Straciatella. It had spinach, tomatoes, parmigiana cheese and chicken broth (of course).   The soup was nice and warm and the spinach made it even better.  The other course were served all together in a family style.  This was except for dessert, which of course, was last.

Anyhoo… the other courses were fabulous. They were asparagus (that was wonderful) and juicy swordfish that I thought I would not like but I tried it and I loved it!!! (I am not sure how to explain how it was made but it had a crispy topping and you will just have to find out how good it was for yourself.)

There was also saffron rice that was also great, but I was so full that I did not get to eat much!

WOW!  Dessert was so good it gets its own paragraph!!! Dessert was a course that had ricotta beignets with homemade marmalade, chocolate sauce and whipped Chantilly cream. Dessert was spectacular. The beignets were great with all the toppings.

I had a great time at Ocean and I hope you do too!


Written and photographed by Ellie S., age 10

Mom Editor: Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons

Book dinner at Ocean, The Cape Arundel Inn

Atture: Smart Chic. No ties required – but jackets are nice.




4 thoughts on “Eat Up: Ellie reviews Ocean at the Cape Arundel Inn, Kennebunkport

  1. Ellie, we’ll written food review. I especially liked the soup and desert descriptions. The photos enhanced the writing. Great job.

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